The Most Dangerous Street in Boston

A friend recently showed me the City of Boston's crime report data feed and I thought it would be interesting to look for some trends and see what kind of stories the data had to tell. The year 2014 had the most complete data for the range available (2012-2015) and thus it was used for the analysis.

Which street in Boston had the most crime reported?

Below is a visual analysis of the streets with the highest number of crime reports in Boston. The bar graph displays the top 10.  It is important to consider that the length of the street plays a large role, but also the region and whether or not there are multiple streets with the same name. Please, take a look at the data below and check out the results for yourself. Any feedback or additional ideas to test would be welcomed!


Also, a fun bit of additional analysis, it looks like the day with the most crime in Boston is Friday! Please reach out with potential theories.